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Our activity

Aice: the Gateway to enter the Italian Market


Our aim is to create new business opportunities between members and foreign companies.

Thanks to our skills and to our gained experience, we are able to identify effective solutions to solve out, together with the company, all the issues related to import-export operations and to internationalization processes.

Thanks to Aice, any company interested in the Italian market and/or products is able to expand its activity in Italy.

Furthermore, Aice works to develop collaborative relationships with international institutions and promotional bodies, as well as with entrepreneurial associations worldwide, with the aim to increase international trade and to foster a balanced development of economies in all countries.

We represent and protect our members’ interests towards International and European Institutions (European Commission, European Parliament, WTO, ITC, IMF, UNCTAD, OECD, World Bank, etc.)

In recent years Aice has strengthened its lobbying activities towards European Institutions. Europe has a common market and political measures to third countries is one of the few subjects whose decisions are made in Brussels and Strasbourg. In order to defend the interests of Member companies, having constant relationships with European Commission and Parliament is essential. There are several monitored issues: free-trade agreements between EU and third countries, trade defense instruments, customs matters, market access policies, GSP, etc.


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