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In order to succeed in an international environment, always more frequently you need to be competitive in the foreign trade field.

However to face problems and issues regarding international commerce you should be constantly updated about new laws, normatives and regulations, and to be guided about the right strategy for you and your company.

Aice, with more than 60 years of experience, provides to all its members a full range of services for internationalization and a competent, personalized, and reliable assistance on issues about international trade, by representing and protecting the interests of companies operating with foreign countries, both in export and import.

Aice is addressed to all companies located in Italy and registered at an Italian Chamber of Commerce.

By applying to Aice you’ll have the possibility to maximize your success, developing and strengthening international trade and business partnerships and to become part of a network of highly dedicated business professionals and comparing your company with others that share your same issues.

Apply to our Association. We will guide you to face and succeed all international business challenges.

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